miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018


DAY 1 

Hello from Oliva!!

After getting up really early and enjoying a long trip, we arrived in Oliva. After a quick lunch we had a tour through our clases where we'll make the most of our trip, and we took part in some  ice breaking activities. 
We spent the afternoon creating stories in the workshops: theatre, role playing, digital storytelling..... We will show you the results at the end of the week.

At night, we usted our amazing skills to ask King Charles for his daughter's hand: we wrote poems, we danced and we sang and even though it was quite difficult, he finally said yes!!!!

You can visit the Facebook of ”Inmersión Inglesa" to see more pictures and videos.

We will keep you posted!

DAY 2 

Hello again!!

Yesterday, we cooked!! We made some tasty cakes with chocolate, biscuits, sponges.... They were delicious as you can see on the pictures!!
After the morning workshop, we were ready for lunch.... Paella!!
In the afternoon, we went to the beach but It was a bit cold for swimming , what a pitty!, so we did some games and dancing for the lip dub.
We could also show all our skills in the Talent Show: we danced, sang and told jokes.
We are having great fun!!!
We'll keep you posted!!